Why GAV is Needed

For decades professional animal communicators have provided their services to private clients, typically to communicate with their pets or animals in their care. While the exact topics and questions vary depending on the needs of the humans and animals, virtually all focus on improving their animals’ lives and the relationships between the animals and their humans.  An internet search for animal communicators reveals countless websites of private practitioners. Virtually all include testimonials that illustrate a broad range of positive results from those communications.  

Given the benefits of communication to private clients and their pets, GAV asked why shelters don’t offer communication. Two major reasons seem to be:

1) shelter management may not be aware of animal communication and the potential benefits to animals and shelters, and

2) even if they did know of the benefits, they don’t have funding to compensate the professional communicators. 

GAV believes that collecting and sharing data on the potential for animal communications to positively impact the animals and the shelters is the key to raising shelter awareness and to obtaining funding.