FAQ for Participants

What if the organization wants to deal directly with the communicator to request communications with animals that are not part of the Pilot? +

To protect the integrity of the data, for the duration of the Pilot each communicator agrees not to provide services to organizations outside of the recorded sessions. However, at the conclusion of the Pilot the participating organizations and communicators are free to negotiate terms for future communication.

What data will be collected? +

1)the organization’s REQUEST for communication that provides info about the dog and the topics to be addressed; 2) the organization’s responses to SURVEY 1 about the usefulness of the information; 3) the organization’s responses to SURVEY 2 about animal communication as a practice that contributes to meeting the organization’s enrichment goals for the dog; and 3) the audio recording of the session.

What responsibility do the organizations and communicators have relating to the data? +

1) each organization will use a mobile device or computer to log on to the app to complete the REQUEST; 2) communicators and the organization’s designated representative will attend the virtual communication session which will be audio recorded; 3) organizations will log in to respond to the SURVEYS.

Will the organization and communicators have access to the collected data for the communication sessions that they participated in? +

Yes. Upon completion, both can login to access the REQUEST, SURVEY responses, and the audio recording of those sessions.

Are there limits on the kinds of topics that can be addressed? +

Yes. Because communicators cannot provide medical advice, organizations cannot ask communicators to diagnose or suggest treatments. However, organizations can ask the communicator to ask if the dog is experiencing pain or discomfort, the level of intensity and the locations of the pain or discomfort.

What is the communicator’s role during the communication session? +

To 1) establish a rapport with dog and invite the dog to express whatever it wants 2) address topics specified in the organization’s REQUEST or brought up by the organizations’ representative during the session; 3) verbally convey all information received during the session to the organization’s representative.

Will communicators offer additional services or communicate with the dogs outside the recorded sessions? +

No. While some communicators may offer additional services such as Reiki or EFT/tapping in their private practice, to ensure the collected data reflects the impact of animal communication provided during Pilot 3, all communicators agree to limit their involvement solely to providing communication during the recorded session.

Will communicators provide advice or suggest actions or decisions relating to the care of the animal? +

No. Communicators understand that the organization retains sole discretion relating to the decisions or actions relating to the care of the animal, and all communicators agree not to provide advice as that could compromise the integrity of the data.

What if the dog asks for more communication? +

Because all communicators agree to communicate with the dogs only during a recorded session, the communicator will tell the dog that it will relay the request to the organization, and the organization will decide. If the organization asks for a follow up, the organization will submit a separate REQUEST.

How will the communication sessions be conducted? +

A GAV representative hosts the communication session via an audio recorded videoconferencing meeting and attends the session to provide technical support and to ensure Pilot protocol is followed. The communicator and the organization’s designated representative (staff, volunteer or foster) with knowledge of the dog will also attend. The dog does not need to be in the same room as the organization’s representative.

Will the organization have direct contact with the communicator? +

To protect the integrity of the data, direct contact between organizations and communicators is limited to the videoconferencing session. All other contact and correspondence will be between the participants and GAV.

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