Board Members

Denise Nestel – Founder & Director

Ironically, 35 years ago when my husband suggested we adopt a dog, I was dubious.  My neighbor treated her dog like it was her child. I couldn’t see myself having that kind of relationship with any animal. But I agreed to go see the rescue dog that caught his interest. He wanted to visit other rescues. However, before we got out of the driveway, I told him to turn around because we needed to go back and adopt that dog. Meeting that dog had opened my heart.  Since then I’ve adopted 6 dogs. While my career as a commercial attorney was demanding and consumed most of my time, those dogs consumed my heart.  As a retiree, I serve my community as a volunteer mediator and in other capacities,  but the relationships between animals and humans continue to consume my heart. It is my hope that Giving Animals Voice will open the minds and hearts of others.

Cathy Chenard – Director

Cathy Chenard is a research dietitian and certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®. She is also a member of The Animal Communication Collective™, an organization of animal communicators who hold fundraising events for animal welfare organizations. Cathy is passionate about research and excited about the future of intuitive interspecies communication research, the animal communication profession, and the ever-growing opportunities to partner with and advocate for animals. One day, she hopes intuitive skills are universally taught and communication with living and departed animals is seen as a natural part of life. With her heart rooted in the future of interspecies communication, Cathy is excited to pivot her research interests toward supporting animal welfare research as a member of the GAV Board. 

Christine Noble Seller – Director

Animals in care (rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries) are close to my heart. All our animal family members have been adopted, including Finnigan, a dog who saved my life. For a decade, I’ve worked with animal organizations supporting them with pro bono communications. As a professional Animal and Nature Communicator, my work focuses on raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of intuitive interspecies communication and its benefits — for families, animals in care, wildlife, and Nature — through global activism, advocacy, and education. I’m honoured to be part of the Giving Animals Voice team, helping to establish animal communication as the norm (enrichment and best practice) for animals in care everywhere.

Shanna Phillips – Administrator

As the Administrator at Giving Animals Voice, I’m here to ensure our leadership team has the freedom and support to focus on innovation and growth. With over 20 years of experience in executive support, I bring an unwavering commitment to our mission and a passion for facilitating our leaders’ success.

Mike Mitchell – IT Support

Founder of MPM123, a website support, data analytics, and business consulting service to both entrepreneurial and non-profit entities. He was the co-founder of a very successful software development company specializing in call center telephone systems.  Additionally, he has over 35 years experience providing Executive Management to both the profit and non-profit sectors for both large and small companies.